"Open-editing cooperative platform for web Dance"

Period: October 2005 - September 2008
Type: European Research
Status: Completed


OpenDance’s main objective is to create an on-line open-editing platform that will enable users to (a) document traditional dance information; and (b) construct their own lessons using the documented information and consequently combine different dance lessons, thus assisting them to create their own ‘dance teaching scenarios’. In this way it will also create a community of users that through their participation will maintain, disseminate and continuously extend OpenDance. By offering a unified way for learning traditional dances from several European traditions OpenDance aims to respect diversity but at the same time to contribute towards the development of the concept of a common European heritage. Furthermore, OpenDance aims to further elaborate the dance digitisation processes and create additional utilities that will enable easier synchronisation of movement to the music. Finally, OpenDance will enhance the attractiveness of traditional dance learning through the use of interactive 3D technologies that will provide a more ‘game-like’ environment. OpenDance applications are targeted to: (a) secondary education teachers and students; (b) folklore dance clubs; (c) higher education departments and folklore dance students associations; (d) cultural heritage preservation organisations; (e) internet users with interest in folk dance and music.

MIRALab's contribution

With its expertise on motion capture technologies, MIRALab will contribute significantly in the motion capture from real dancers. MIRALab will also develop an application to synchronize the music and dance sequence capture.